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Archived Fire Damage Blog Posts

Why is Dry Ice Blasting Used in Fire Damage Restoration for Nutley Residents?

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

fire and smoke damaged home sign SERVPRO fire and smoke damage restoration services are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO Uses State of the Art Fire Restoration Equipment to Restore Nutley Homes

The smoke that fire releases can be lethal if inhaled or ingested. While many of the more severe toxins released in smoke, such as monoxide, generally pass from property within an hour, there is often a large amount of unpleasant, odorous chemicals left behind after a property fire. These chemicals travel through the home in smoke but can bond with cooler surfaces leading to soiling on ceilings, walls, windows, and furniture. We can help with:

Enlisting a professional for fire damage restoration in your Nutley home ensures that it returns to a safe, hospitable environment. One of the dangers in fire restoration is applying too much aggressive action to stubborn stains and inadvertently causing damage to some of your more precious or valuable belongings and furniture. SERVPRO technicians fully understand how different materials respond to cleaning actions and can reduce damages by using advanced smoke removal equipment like dry ice machines. 

  • Dry ice blasting uses tiny pellets of dry ice (CO2) fired at high pressure directly onto the surface being cleaned. The pellets freeze and crack potential residues or soiling. 
  • Surfaces are not damaged when using dry ice machines, making them ideal for use on plastics, woods, and metals in the home. 
  • Modern advances in dry ice blasting have reduced operating expenses, making them more viable in residential fire restoration. 
  • No further water is introduced into the structure during the process.

To return your belongings to their preloss condition, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for fire damage restoration at (973) 662-0062.

Does Fire Damage Restoration Include Contents?

7/24/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher in front of fire background When a fire strikes your home SERVPRO is the team to help. We do all sizes of fire restoration services. Call now for help that is needed.

SERVPRO of Nutley Can Perform Fire Damage Restoration on Upholstery, Draperies, and Belongings.

Property fires can be damaging to your home and contents. Usually, homeowners use professional restoration services to repair damages and return the property to a preloss condition. SERVPRO is a local service that can help with:

  • fire damage restoration
  • smoke remediation 
  • House fire cleanup

The procedure for fire damage restoration of your Nutley home is to start from the source of a fire, where damage is at its worst, and work outwards. Hot smoke and ash can travel quickly through rooms of your home, affecting upholsteries and draperies with soiling, odors, or ash deposits. We have several treatments for restoring upholstery and draperies in your home after a fire. 

  • Soil repellents are a mitigation treatment that slows down soil absorption into fabrics allowing technicians more time to restore them.
  • Soil release agents increase the permeability of fabrics, making them more receptive to water-based cleaning products like detergent.
  • Cleaning products can sometimes remove fire retardants from furnishings. Our team can apply new fire retardants once items are restored.

Act quickly to prevent the permanent soiling of fabrics after a house fire. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for fire damage restoration at (973) 662-0062.

Should you Involve Professional Restorers For Fire Restoration In Bloomfield After A Small Fire?

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo over fire Fire damage is no DIY project. Call the trained professionals of SERVPRO. They are IICRC certified technicians with the latest equipment available.

It Is Essential to Involve Reputable Restorers for Fire Restoration in Bloomfield to Avoid Irreversible Damage 

Even a small kitchen fire can be devastating, and one has to act fast to prevent more damage. Professional fire damage restoration reduces chances of permanent smoke damage, water damage, and wool, carpet, and drywall deterioration. However, one has to involve a reliable restorer like SERVPRO with decades of experience in fire restoration services.

SERVPRO is a reputable and full-service fire restoration company in Bloomfield

Our certified inspectors respond to our customer’s emergency call in the shortest time possible to assess the safety and the damage magnitude. Our team of highly trained restorers takes care of:

  • Board up and trap over the need
  • Fire debris removal
  • Deodorization

Smoke and soot can get into almost any room, including seemingly unaffected interior walls and ductwork. Appliances, computers, stereos, and other home and business electronics are all susceptible to smoke damage. If not extracted immediately with advanced cleaning solutions and procedures, it is acidic, can corrode metals, and stain just about everything porous. Our restorers can use natural fabric brightener mixed with shampoo super concentrate to remove oxidized stains from wool carpeting or surfaces made from cotton.

It is also important to remove fire odors as soon as possible since odor-causing compounds can penetrate so deeply that they are no longer removable. Incorrect procedures can push it deeper. Our odor-blasting equipment takes care of building surfaces, and our ozone generators neutralize odors within every nook and cranny.

Ignoring even a small-scale blaze can lead to major destruction. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield to get you and your family in a healthy environment. Call us today at (973) 662-0062.

Do Walls Require Repainting after Fire Damage?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

Soot and smoke damage Fire damage restoration is a job of a professional outfit. SERVPRO techs are IICRC certified for the service needed.

SERVPRO Can Often Return Walls to a Pre-loss Condition in your Nutley Home

In most housefires, upper walls, mutual connections of jointing, and ceilings are among the home's worse affected areas. The reason smoke residues affect walls and ceilings is that hot smoke rises upwards. Sometimes, excessive pressure can force smoke particles into the surface or paintwork of a wall. 

It may seem expedient to repaint walls after fire damage in your Nutley home. Painting over smoke is an ineffective solution as the smoke residues may continue to emanate unpleasant odors. SERVPRO can sometimes use an odor-sealing primer on walls to trap odors and allow a clean surface for repainting. However, in most situations washing walls with an appropriate cleaning solution is the most effective restoration method.

  • Water-soluble paints can sometimes be cleaned using a dry-cleaning sponge to dislodge soot followed by a light, multi-surface cleaning agent.
  • Enamel paints, which are technically oil-soluble, do not react to water, making them easy to clean with a detergent or other wall cleaner. Avoid using turpentine on enamel.
  • A varnish or other clear finish is generally non-water soluble. However, pre-testing these surfaces is essential before applying cleaning products. 

Restoring is often more cost-efficient than repainting. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for fire damage restoration at (973) 662-0062.

Can Fire Restoration Remove Smoke Odors in Bloomfield?

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield today at (973) 662-0062 if you need help with professional fire damage restoration services.

SERVPRO Offers Fire Damage Deodorization for Bloomfield Residents

Malodors are lingering effects challenging for fire recovery experts. Soot residues represent incompletely combusted materials, chemically changed by the heat and flames into carbon compounds carrying unpleasant smells. Ridding the interior of a home and its contents of these tiny particles is critical to eliminating the odors.

How Does SERVPRO Manage Fire-Related Odor Removal?

Bloomfield fire restoration is incomplete until your home is free of residue-related odors. Living with persistent smoky smells is a constant reminder of the fear, chaos, and distress a household fire causes. SERVPRO follows a research-based protocol for effective deodorization:

  • Containment of damaged area with 1.6 mil polypropylene 
  • Use of negative pressure air scrubbing technology filters odor-bearing particulates before venting to the outdoors
  • Vigilantly finding, bagging, and lawfully disposing of all debris
  • Deep cleaning of surfaces 
  • Pack-out of odiferous contents for specialized deodorization and restoration
  • Employing innovative resources to alter the chemical composition of the ill-smelling particles, neutralizing the odors
  • Thermal foggers
  • Ozone machines
  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Enzymatic treatments 

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield uses intensive cleaning and advanced technologies to complete fire damage restoration, including deodorization. Call (973) 662-0062 for an evaluation.

Housefires in your Nutley home Can Produce Smokes that Resist Regular Cleaning Products.

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo SERVPRO will take away your fire fears. Call us immediately after a fire. We will have our teams on site right away!

SERVPRO is a Qualified Restoration Service that Provides Assistance to Nutley Residents with Fire Losses.

Nutley is one of seven townships in the Essex County region of New Jersey. Nutley's classification as a township occurred by a popular referendum in 1874 when it was named Franklin township. Nutley's title did not arrive until 28 years later, when the area was incorporated as a town and gained government subsidies as well as revenue sharing policies. Many of Essex County's names came from Mill owners who took advantage of a growing agricultural revolution to purchase large swathes of land in the local region. Nutley was a name that came from the Satterthwaite family. With close connections to the Passaic River and direct train lines into the more expansive metropolitan areas of Newark and New York, the township has become an excellent getaway for workers in the bigger cities. Nutley was ranked among the top fifty places to live in New Jersey in 2008.

During the early nineteenth century, Nutley's driving force was the operation of mills, which frequently used water wheels to grind grains and ship them up the Passaic river to local townships and cities. Equally vital to the local economy was the abundance of quarries. The brownstone quarry is one of the first to provide legitimate and sustainable economic growth to the area and saw an influx of Italian and Irish immigrants. Many mills from the early nineteenth century have been mainly preserved by local historical societies and enjoy much interest from tourists in the United States' Northern Region. Tourists can visit the Nutley Historical Museum on Church Street to learn more about the local area's industrial heritage and its role in Northern America's early economy. Large wildlife centers and waterways invite a host of outdoor enthusiasts to explore the trails by foot, bike, and boat.

  • The Jersey Axe House on Centre Street Unit 6 is an exciting experience for residents and visitors to Nutley. It is one of few places in New Jersey to be affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League. The underground center has regular events that allow visitors to watch professional axe throwers who pass through the region. Introductory courses are available to all visitors, while food, drinks, and refreshment are sold on-site to spectators.
  • The influx of Irish immigrants to Nutley in the nineteenth century has led to an excellent brewing tradition in the local area. NJ Brew Tours takes guests to the many Distilleries, Breweries, and Tasting sessions in the Nutley area. Group bookings are available while meals are included within the ticket prices.
  • Nutley Township has a long history of supporting athletes' development, including NBA player Alaa Abdelnaby, Olympic Speed Skater Ray Blum, NHS famed running back Steve Lamprou, and Baseball Coach Ron Fraser. The local parks such as Booth Park, Demuro Park, Flora Louden Park, and Kingsland Park offer public baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey grounds. 

Tourism, site-seeing, and dining in Nutley, New Jersey.

Nutley's diverse cultural demographics make for an excellent trip away from the big cities of Newark and New York. Cuisine blends from traditional American-style diners to Italian eateries and bakeries. Zinicola’s Bakery, located in Nutley provided the backdrop for a Soprano’s episode.  The tapas-style cuisine is perfect for lunch or dinner after a trip to the plentiful sites and monuments.

  • The Nutley Memorial Park, between Passaic and Vreeland Avenue, pays tribute to war veterans' bravery throughout the ages from the local area. Walking tours are hosted by the Nutley Museum Director, John Simko, and transport visitors through the pre-civil war era mills and riverways to the Memorial Park (known to the locals as The Mudhole.) Among the core sites are the one-hundred-year-old Carnegie Library and the works of world-class artists who found inspiration in the rural industrial towns during the 19th century.
  • There is a plethora of Italian cuisines, bakeries, and restaurants that range from fine-dining to pizza parlors and are a living testament to the cultural history of Essex County. The Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian tapas restaurant in nearby Clifton doubles up as a night-life venue, while Aromi Di Napoli is a local favorite on Washington Avenue. Queen Margherita and Ralph's (truly renowned) offer authentic pizzas using locally-sourced produce. 
  • For a bit of light entertainment, the Brunswick Zone in neighboring Belleville is an excellent spot for parties and group activities. Bowling, hand-hockey, and arcades provide entertainment, while the backrooms are reserved for coffees and light lunches. The center runs local leagues for all ages and tutor-led bowling lessons for those looking to up their game. 

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield is a Premier Restoration Company for Fire Losses and Personal Property Damages.

Housefires can permanently damage your home's building assembly as well as staining belongings with unpleasant smoke and odor. Our team holds qualifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications and can provide excellent, honest restoration to bring your home to its preloss condition. In addition to our fire restoration technicians, we also have production technicians with general construction qualifications (OSHA.) Whether your home requires cleaning and deodorizing or more significant restoration, we are here to help your property recover. In severe fire damages, our roster of technicians can pack up contents and transport them to a secure storage facility while we repair the structure of your home. 

SERVPRO supports local charitable initiatives, including the Lions Club of Nutley and the Belleville Food Pantry, which helps low-income and homeless people of the local area.

  • Our ultra-low volume thermal fogging equipment can spread deodorizing mists into small crevices and cracks in the home to reduce fire odors.
  • A full range of cleaning chemicals can help us to dissolve and rinse stubborn smoke residues from walls and ceilings in your home. 
  • OSHA training allows technicians to perform the reconstruction of your home without having to enlist a subcontractor.
  • The use of odor-controlling pellets can target specific areas of the home that may have been severely affected by smoke.

To overcome the impact of fire damages in your home, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062.

Can Hardwood Flooring and Furniture be Recovered After a Fire in Nutley?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

house on fire For prompt 24/7 assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062.

SERVPRO Cleans and Refinishes Hardwoods in Nutley

When you envision a fire in Nutley, you may think of wood going up in flames. However, there may be hope for repairing or cleaning your hardwoods. It depends on the severity of the fire and its damage to materials and belongings in your home. Whether it be flooring or furniture, it is essential to remember that you may not need to dispose of them. There are various techniques and products that may help restore your hardwood materials and furnishings.

What if the Floors Are Blistered or Stained After a Fire?
Fire damage restoration is not always cut and dry for your Nutley home. Sometimes a portion of the impacted area or item can be repaired, while other parts of the same site require more attention. If there is severe blistering on a hardwood floor, technicians most likely refinish the wood rather than simply cleaning it.

What are the Techniques and Products that Help Technicians Use to Restore Hardwood Furniture?
    •    Dry Cleaning works best for unfinished wood and a dust-like residue. Technicians use vacuums, feather dusters, and dry cleaning sponges to dry clean hardwood floors and furniture.
    •    Wet Cleaning with mild, low-alkaline cleaners works well for moderate to high levels of residue. It is important to clean with the grain and use a polish to restore its natural oils.
    •    Semi-Refinishing using SERVPRO's Wood Creme Past #209 removes a thin layer of the flooring's finish. Technicians often use this technique to remove watermarks left from firefighting efforts.
    •    Polishing hardwood furniture with SERVPRO's Furniture Polish #207 removes smudges or stains. Technicians remove smoke residue before polishing furniture.

For prompt 24/7 assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062. We make it “Like it never even happened.”

Removing Odors After a Protein Fire in Your Nutley Kitchen

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire Damage We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Three-Phase Odor Control in Nutley

Why Does My Home Smell So Bad After a Protein Fire?
SERVPRO Tackles Hard-To-Remove Odors in Your Nutley Kitchen
Kitchen fires in Nutley do not always produce the most smoke, but they often produce heavy odors due to protein burning. There may be minimal damage, but the homeowner often finds a sticky, opaque residue coating their belongings. Cleaning the residue and removing the odor is crucial to the cleanup and repair process.

How Do I Get Rid of The Terrible Odor in My Kitchen?
SERVPRO Uses a Multi-Phase Approach to Remove Odor from Your Home
A fire and odor restoration project in your Nutley home is never a simple undergoing. Even when fire damage appears minimal, smoke odor can cause long-lasting unpleasantness in your home. SERVPRO uses a multi-phase approach to attack odors. Mitigating further smoke damage from the beginning of the restoration process is vital in removing unwanted odors.

What Are the Three Phases for Deodorization?
Phase 1- Containment: Technicians use chemical counteractant like Smoke Deodorizer #302 to create a barrier, keeping odor molecules from vaporizing into the air. The barriers trap the odors at the surface, where technicians can clean the residue—allowing minimal odor molecules to escape cuts down on the following, more in-depth phases.

Phase 2- Vapor Odor Control: Technicians apply products that counteract already air-borne molecules—for example, the specially formulated Instant Odor Counteracting Beads release deodorant vapors into the atmosphere.

Phase 3- Thermal Fogging: Technicians dispense solvent-based deodorants through thermal fogging equipment. The deodorants pass through the heat, combust down to the one-half micron in size, and then dissipate through the air. Due to their small size, they reach anywhere smoke malodor molecules traveled.

For 24/7 assistance dealing with unwanted smoke odor, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

What Causes Smoke Odors in My Bloomfield Home After a Fire?

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

kitchen of a house burnt from a fire Fires can leave lingering smells and odors in your home. Contact SERVPRO for smoke odor removal in your home.

Our professionals work around the clock to address lingering fire loss effects like odors after a disaster.

Fires are a traumatic situation for your Bloomfield home and can leave you facing multiple obstacles simultaneously to return your property to its original condition. As challenging as these circumstances might be, it is rarely something homeowners can address on their own. The inclusion of qualified restoration technicians like ours can help the process to become more efficient.

The smells of these disasters can often be one of the most significant hurdles specifically because fire smoke odor removal in Bloomfield homes does not happen until the final stages of restoration in most cases. The solution is to lessen the impact of these conditions through deliberate cleaning and recovery tactics and utilize cutting-edge equipment and products at the appropriate times to neutralize odors. Once you have notified our SERVPRO team of a fire loss or active extinguishment taking place, we can arrive to begin the first step: emergency services and recovery.

Do Emergency Services Lessen Smoke Odors?

Emergency services work to help the property in many ways after a loss incident. Our in-house contractors and skilled restoration technicians work together on multiple strategies to reduce the presence and severity of odors and other fire loss conditions in Bloomfield homes. Several approaches can address the present smoke and burning smells throughout the damaged areas of your home even before official deodorization gets underway, and some of these are:

  • Debris Removal – Piles of ash and debris throughout the property can be hotspots for foul odors after a loss. The sooner these burned remnants of contents and structural elements can be removed, the less severe the odor situation can become. 
  • Surface Cleaning - Smoke residues occur from several types of fires with different materials burned. Wet smoke is a challenging coating to remove, and can also produce strong odors for our technicians to face. 
  • Content Management - How fire effects like odors impact the personal belongings throughout the house, including sensitive materials like clothing, furniture, and other fabrics, can lead to a need for content cleaning and deodorization to protect these items. 

What Are the Best Deodorization Tools?

Deodorization approaches vary substantially from one fire-damaged property to the next, as there are multiple suitable solutions to remove lingering scents. The choice between the powerful tools in our inventory often falls to the placement of damage, the severity and spread of these effects, and whether the occupants of the house have gotten removed temporarily. The three primary types of deodorizing tools used in these situations include:

  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Ozone Machines
  • Thermal/ULV Foggers

Choosing among these machines involves a careful assessment of the damaged area and the severity of the present odors. Occupants or pets in the house during restoration can impact the deodorizing techniques used, as highly efficient odor removal tactics like ozone cannot get used in an occupied dwelling.

What Happens to Odor-Damaged Contents?

Content management is often one of the first actions taken to protect your property and its belongings after a fire. Some of the more damaged items encountered by our technicians get relocated to our SERVPRO facility for focused cleaning and deodorization. Off-site recovery can allow our team to safely store our customers' belongings until in-house restoration and cleaning complete. Actions taken in our facility to clean and deodorize materials pulled from an extinguished structure fire include:

  • Ozone Chamber Deodorization - This larger work area presents a safe space for harmful ozone to dissipate before we go in and collect the lot of items recovered simultaneously. We can often deodorize entire rooms' worth of contents at once.
  • Ultrasonic Tank Soot Cleaning - Immersion tanks are ideal for hard objects covered with soot and smoke residues. Bubbles generated by vibrations burst on the surface of impacted materials to break up challenging coatings. 
  • Thorough Water-Damage Drying - Extinguishment tactics often leave many of the items recovered from the house damp or heavily water damaged. We have effective drying techniques to help. 

When Does Odor Removal Happen?

Odor removal is often one of the final steps of recovery and restoration. Many of the tactics for mitigation and emergency services can lessen the severity of present odors. However, the last official neutralization occurs along with the cleaning stages that often accompany reconstruction.

Fire odors can be a challenging obstacle for even our experienced SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield team to face. We have a fast response with experienced professionals and cutting-edge equipment to make a difference quickly. However we can help, you can call us anytime at (973) 662-0062.

What Is the Role of Detergents in Restoration of Nutley Fire Damage?

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room in a home Don’t get overwhelmed when fire damage affects your home. Contact us 24/7 after an incident.

Training in the Science of Soot Removal Guide SERVPRO's Fire Restoration in Nutley

Lots of different products are touted as being "the" answer to tough cleaning jobs like those encountered after fire damage to your Nutley house. Relying on just one cleaner and technique is a mistake. Depending on the following conditions during the blaze, the types of soiling and practical methods to eliminate them vary:

  • Materials consumed or heated by the fire
  • Temperature reached during the fire
  • Oxygen levels during the fire
  • Water or other fluid levels in the materials consumed

How Do the Referenced Variables Affect the Soot Deposited?

When planning the phases of fire restoration for your Nutley house, we pay attention to the residues' characteristics and quantities. Wood and paper burn hot and nearly completely, leaving loose, dry ash we can brush, vacuum, and sponge away. When plastics, rubber, and other synthetics burn, the fire smolders at lower temperatures, depositing thick, sticky residues. Protein-based fires coat surfaces with greasy soiling, consisting of dehydrated foodstuffs and oils. Vacuuming and brushing are not enough for the last two types of soot.

If Brushing and Vacuuming Are Not Effective, What Works?

Protein-based coatings usually require a solvent and abrasive tools or products to loosen. Spray and wipe efforts are useful for the thick soot produced by synthetics or damp organic materials, but the selection of cleaning products to add to the spray is critical. SERVPRO managers and technicians are familiar with matching water-based cleaning products with water-based soot, and oil-based cleaning products (solvents) with oil-based soot.

How Do Detergents Fit into the Puzzle?

Often the soot deposited has both water and oil-based origins. Changing the characteristics of the additives is impractical inch by inch. What does rise to the occasion is employing detergents, which bridge the differences between water and oil-based products. Detergent molecules have a water-loving head and an oil-loving tail, permitting this cleaning aid to break up and emulsify both kinds of residues, holding them suspended in the cleaning solution to be rinsed off or picked up by cloths, towels, or sponges.

Your confidence in the trained employees of SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield is well-founded. Give us a call at (973) 662-0062 to commence a constructive cleaning partnership.

Click here for more information about Nutley.

Cleaning Fire Damage in your Bloomfield Home

4/2/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged property We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Best Practice for Cleaning Fire-Damaged Areas in Bloomfield Homes

Surfaces can show several types of damage after a Bloomfield house fire, and cleaning and restoring these affected materials can be a challenge for even our talented restoration team. The processes involved in making fire losses “Like it never even happened,” begin before our Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) reach the scene. We dispatch our crew chief and project manager to meet with the customer to determine both the affected areas of the house and any pre-existing conditions.

Cleaning up after fire damage to Bloomfield homes is not a universal approach, and can involve multiple pieces of equipment, cleaning products, and even personnel to achieve. Choosing which of these methods best suits the present damage involves multiple factors, including the type of residue, the affected material, and the severity of the soiling.

Soot Removal
Soot can be a considerable hazard for our technicians and others in the house exposed, so cleaning these residues from the surfaces is vital to improving indoor air quality in the residence. Unlike oily residues that fires can leave behind, many of the wipe cleaning practices and products can smear soot on a surface – leading to staining and marring of the material. Many of the affected surfaces that can sustain abrasive cleaning can benefit from soda and media blasting techniques that protect the underlying material while removing the soot at the surface.

Oily Soils
Carcinogens and debris in the environment after a fire loss can leave our SERVPRO professionals combating oily residues on walls, ceilings, and floors. The choice in cleansers and residue removal at this point is critical, as the wrong cleaning agent can damage the underlying material. Water-based chemical agents can emulsify oily soils on surfaces to allow them to get rinsed away with pressurized water or cleared with high-pressure air blasts.

Cleaning up your home after a fire loss incident can feel overwhelming, especially when residues and soot blacken many of the exposed materials. Our SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield team can help with effective cleaning practices beginning as soon as mitigation does. Give our experienced technicians a call anytime at (973) 662-0062.

For more about Bloomfield click here.

Fire Recovery In Your Belleville Home

2/11/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Give us a call today at (973) 662-0062.

Recognizing Threats That Stall Fire Recovery in Belleville Homes

The faster that mitigation and recovery efforts can begin in your Belleville home after a fire, the less property damage and total loss that homeowners often experience. Unfortunately, every situation is unique in both the spread of damaging conditions in the house and the steps necessary to recover them. Also, there are many factors and threats that can slow or stall restoration efforts, making it vital that our SERVPRO technicians address these concerns quickly and continually monitor the progress of remedial actions.

Fire damage to Belleville homes is not exclusively the destruction to structural elements and contents, but the lingering odors, residues to clean and clear, air quality concerns, and more. With numerous obstacles to returning your home to its original condition, recognizing these situations as they happen can ensure that our professionals maintain the efficiency in recovery we strive to provide. Many of these potential problems can get discovered in the initial scoping of the job before full-scale mitigation and restoration have started.

Water Damages
One of the glaring obstacles after a substantial structure fire is the measures used to put out the flames. While sometimes our SERVPRO team must remove extinguisher residues and other suppressant soiling, most often, we face widespread water damage and saturation. Without drying out this damage, microbial threats become an inevitable situation when spores in the environment grow and spread throughout the moist, warm conditions.

Structural Concerns
Fires can affect structural supports, joists, and other building materials. In many situations, it might be challenging to discern the extent of damage without a competent inspection by experienced professionals like ours. When structural concerns and threats do exist, it is vital to begin controlled demolition to prevent collapse and ultimately reconstruct these removed materials. We have a full team of residential contractors in-house to help.

Contaminants and Hazards
Combustion can put hazardous particles in the air even beyond damaging soot. The burning of plastics or chemicals in your house can present a toxic environment for anyone exposed. Our professionals can utilize air cleaning equipment like scrubbers or other HEPA filtration devices to reduce contamination of the environment so mitigation can continue.

Fire losses can present many obstacles for even skilled restorers, but our SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield team can help get your home back to normal. Give us a call today at (973) 662-0062.

For more about Belleville click here.

We Have Effective Techniques To Restore Your Belleville Home After A Fire

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

A room covered in debris after a fire Our skilled professionals are ready 24/7 to respond to your fire damage emergency. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Wooden Furniture and Fittings Affected By Fire Damage Incidents in Belleville

Fire incidents affect wooden items the most since aspects of combustion such as flames, heat, and smoke are detrimental to such things. After identifying the unsalvageable items, there is a need to take remedial action, such as cleaning the salvageable ones. Professional fire restoration crews from SERVPRO rely on different steps to get the job done.

Wiping With Dry Cleaning Sponges

Residue deposit is one of the most prevalent forms of fire damage in affected Belleville properties. Removing such deposits from furniture items such as tables and chairs or fittings such as cabinets is crucial in restoring their preloss state. Extended exposure to soot can lead to stains or corrosion of metallic accessories such as handles or hinges. Our SERVPRO crews use dry cleaning sponges to wipe off residues without wetting the material.

Preventing Setting of Soot Deep Into the Material

While most of the residues are on the surface of the affected materials, they might penetrate deeper depending on the level of exposure to the fire. It is also possible to set the residues more buried into the content during the cleaning process, especially when dealing with massive deposits. Our SERVPRO technicians use denatured alcohol in such cases to remove residues without causing them to set.

Sanding the Parts Made of Unfinished Wood

Perhaps the most robust job when cleaning wood affected by fire damage is when dealing with predominantly unfinished wood. Typically, unfinished wood is common in the interior of fittings such as cabinets or structural supports such as frames. Our SERVPRO technicians sand such areas to remove all residues. Alternatively, we use soda blasting, which is equally effective in eliminating stubborn residues from unfinished wood. An additional advantage of soda blasting is that it does not damage the material and helps with deodorization.

Restoring wooden materials affected by the fire can reduce the cost of fire damage. Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 to help run the process eliminating all traces of the damage, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Professionals Have What It Takes To Restore Your Fire Damaged Nutley Property

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

burned-out chair in a fire The team at SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield is ready 24/7 to respond to your fire cleanup needs.

Professional Fire Cleanup in Nutley

Homeowners in the Nutley area who are searching for help in the aftermath of fire do well to contact a local, reputable full-service disaster recovery company. As you try to sort out the necessary tasks, stress, and worry ease when you have an expert in the fire recovery business by your side. Our team of managers and technicians complete the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training to offer customers assistance that aligns with the fire damage restoration industry’s best practices.

Why Professional Cleanup Is Essential
Assessing and planning for fire cleanup in Nutley are jobs for licensed and certified technicians. Fire residues are toxic and highly corrosive, and ordinary cleaning methods fail to clear away the coatings safely or efficiently. Every moment counts when cleaning up fire damage because the chemicals formed during combustion immediately begin discoloring, distorting, and deteriorating the structural components and contents of your home. Our crews complete fire cleanup rapidly, confident in their experience and skills. First, we mitigate or halt ongoing damage, and then remediate or work toward returning the property to preloss condition.

Why Safety Is a Significant Concern
As the fire burns through different materials in your home, dozens of volatile gases, carcinogenic chemicals, and tiny but abrasive particles are created and plume or drift as smoke. Following superheated currents, the airborne debris moves throughout your home, settling and adhering to surfaces. Air quality suffers, and even casual contact with the residues can be hazardous. SERVPRO crew members wear personal protective equipment (PPE) not only to enhance their safety but also to prevent tracking the potentially dangerous debris out of the work areas. We employ negative pressure air scrubbing technology to filter contaminants and seal the spaces during fire cleanup.

Why Following Industry Protocols Benefits Homeowners
The IICRC is an international standards development organization, devoted to establishing best practices for the fire cleanup industry. The theory and techniques gained by SERVPRO technicians are research-based, and our implementation is enhanced by our years of experience. Our response is swift and sure because we are well prepared and fully supported by our inventory of state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and products.

The team at SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield is ready 24/7 to respond to your fire cleanup needs. Call (973) 662-0062 to schedule an assessment and an efficient plan to mitigate and remediate the fire damage.

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Small Fires in Nutley: DIY or Hire Professional Restoration Services

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Foyer with flooring burned away and covered in soot Can you DIY fire damage restoration? It may look easy, but it isn't. Call SERVPRO today for more information!

Do You Need Restoration for Small Nutley Housefires? 

When an unattended candle igniting the drapes or a quickly contained grease fire in your kitchen cause small flare-ups and fire emergencies in your Nutley home, the use of fire extinguishers and other suppressants can help to reduce the severity of effects. Can the average homeowner address the effects and return a house to preloss condition by themselves when the damages don't span a broad area of their home? 

As contained as fire damage in Nutley homes might appear, there are often conditions unrecognized by inexperienced and untrained property owners. Our SERVPRO team has accreditations from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in all facets of fire recovery and cleaning. We are uniquely prepared and qualified for nearly all effects we could encounter in a home. Combined with our advanced tools and equipment, we can get you back to your normal life quickly, “Like it never even happened.” 

Many homeowners might not have the capacity to recognize structural threats that exist after a fire loss incident. What might seemingly be a small incident could have severely damaged supports and backing materials out of sight, posing a substantial risk of structural failure or material collapse. Our thorough inspection of the property and damage assessment is explicitly designed to identify these threats and others so that they get addressed as quickly as possible. 

Deodorization is another threat that can be very challenging for homeowners to contend with, as many solutions available to residents only mask these effects for a short time. The heat of the fire can expand the pores of construction materials to allow permeation from smoke odors. As extinguishment occurs, these molecules can stay trapped in these materials until sophisticated tools like our UV foggers and hydroxyl generators can address these embedded scents. 

As much as many homeowners might believe that they can save money by addressing these concerns on their own, this might not always be the best approach. Our SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield team has the experience and the skills to help you through every phase of recovery and restoration. Let us help you today by calling (973) 662-0062. 

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Our Technicians Can Restore Even Minor Fire Damage In Your Belleville Home

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield to help restore your property to its preloss state.

Fixing Minor Cases Of Fire Damage In Your Belleville Home

Fires can start anywhere in your home, even spaces such as bathrooms where there are no naked flames. Faulty electrical appliances or grooming equipment such as hot curling irons normally spark such incidents. The presence of highly combustible substances such as deodorants and hair care products fuel the small flame to cause a wide variety of damages in your Belleville home.

A fire starting in the bathroom is more likely to happen when someone is around using appliances, therefore, stopping the fire before it spreads all over the home is easier. The resultant fire damage to your Belleville home is likely to be limited in such cases. Restoring the property to its preloss state mainly involves cleaning residues and refinishing surfaces because there is minimal structural damage. FSRT, Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician, training helps our SERVPRO crews scope the area and determine the best response plan.

Because of burning inorganic materials such as plastic containers and wrappers, a bathroom fire is likely to leave substantial wet smoke deposits. It is possible to spread the deposits all over surfaces when cleaning the affected areas. Our SERVPRO technicians use specialized cleaning materials such as wet sponges to wipe soot away without smearing walls. Such steps quicken the restoration process and eliminate the need for other steps such as repainting due to smudges.

The materials burnt in the bathroom are also likely to leave pungent odors. Because odor particles penetrate deep into materials, dealing with odors can be a complicated process even after cleaning all deposits left over from the fire. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to deodorize the affected areas. We can use advanced equipment to chemically alter malodors or deliver deodorizing agents in a way that allows deep penetration so that they can combine with odor particles neutralizing them. Among the advanced equipment, we use to fight odors, include:

    •    Hydroxyl generators
    •    Air Filtration Devices
    •    Ozone Generators
    •    Thermal Foggers
    •    ULV foggers

Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield to help restore your property to its preloss state. You can reach us at (973) 662-0062. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Professionals Can Return Your Belleville Home To Pre-Damage Condition After A Fire

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

We have the equipment and advanced training to handle any size fire damage and restore your property to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Tackles Fire Damage And More In Belleville

Fire damage leaves behind not only a charred building structure and contents, but there is also the stress of cleanup and restoration; plus the task of replacing fire loss items. And there is the pungent smoke odor.

Our emergency response team handled fire damage and the aftermath in a Belleville home. The fire started in a bedroom when a candle placed too close to a window treatment ignited. The homeowner extinguished the fire quickly; however, discoloration and odor remained from the fire extinguisher residue and the smoke.

When the homeowner contacted us, we advised her to let as little traffic as possible into the room before we arrived and to close the door to the bedroom. When we arrived on-site a short time later, we immediately contained the bedroom using heavy plastic around the doorway and over the registers to stop the spread of odor-causing soot throughout the home.

The damaged curtains and an ottoman under the window were both removed as they sustained too much damage. The area rug showed no signs of charring but emitted a strong smoke odor. Our technicians used handheld vacuums with HEPA filters to clean up both the white, powdery residue from the fire extinguisher as well as the soot from all exposed surfaces.

SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training in various restoration sciences including Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician (FSDR). Our techs utilize different types of equipment and techniques to ensure the best outcome possible and save as many home contents as possible from fire loss.

Fire odor can be a huge problem after a fire. It should not be covered up and needs neutralization. We rely on equipment such as ozone machines or hydroxyl generators, both devices latch onto odorous particulates and eradicate them.

Thermal fogging is another frequently used method for odor control as it is ideal for small or large applications. The emitted fog goes anywhere smoke went and eliminated the odor. So any time the homeowners enter the room, there are no pungent reminders of the fire.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield is available 24/7 at (973) 662-0062. We have the equipment and advanced training to handle any size fire damage and restore your property to make the fire loss “Like it never even happened.”

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Fire Damage Remediation Strategies in Nutley Revealed

4/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage remediation is usually customized to the level of damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO to assess and start the process.

What to Expect from Professional Fire Damage Remediation in Nutley

A fire in your Nutley residence brings daily activities to a halt. Your priority is to get family members and pets out of the structure and call the firefighters. The magnitude of harm done by the flames, heat, smoke, and soot leads many homeowners to believe it impossible to return your home to preloss condition. Our team of experts stands ready to exceed these grim expectations as we use industry best practices to remediation all aspects of the damage.

Our project manager arrives and assesses the fire damage to your Nutley residence. We evaluate the fire site and all other spaces inside your home as fire residues spread. The first task is often water and chemical removal. Large quantities of water and chemical extinguishers knock the fire down. Slip and fall, as well as electric shock issues, require evacuation of the water/chemical mix.

Because our SERVPRO crew members hold multiple certifications from the IICRC water removal and drying proceeds immediately, Our service vehicles stock all the equipment needed to extract water and dry out your home, and then we move on to charred debris and soot cleanup. Various types of soot deposit on surfaces following the burning of different building materials and contents. Our employees recognize the differences and match appropriate cleaning products, tools, and methods to dry, wet, and protein soot to achieve the most successful results.

SERVPRO frequently recommends packing out all or some of the contents of your home during fire damage cleanup. We can evaluate, clean, dry, and deodorize furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions at our production facility. Cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing of these items employs specialized techniques and equipment our production technicians master and have available off-site.

Clearing out the contents allows the SERVPRO crew members at your home to complete the structural cleanup without continually moving and protecting your possessions. Our employees move systematically through your home removing soot and mild to moderate charring so that final restoration tasks can begin. Deodorization is a crucial step, and we combine thorough debris and residue cleanup with innovative equipment like thermal foggers, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators to eliminate odors at the particulate level.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield has the trained technicians, experienced managers, and state of the art equipment to return your fire-damaged house to “Like it never even happened” condition. Call (973) 662-0062 immediately after the firefighters release your property for a rapid assessment and professional remediation.

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