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Archived Commercial Blog Posts

SERVPRO Is Ready to Restore Your Water Damaged Bloomfield Business

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

clothing store; clothing displays stacked on shelf and hung Roof leaks can damage your inventory. SERVPRO techs are available and ready to restore you business.

Water Removal After a Roof Leak

Roofing is one structure commercial facility owners do not often consider, primarily due to the long life expectancies on their roof membranes. However, when the cracks on your flat roof lead to leaks and unwanted water on the floor and fixtures of your clothing storefront, you need a commercial water removal service. SERVPRO can save your structure and merchandise from mold and other water-related ailments that can occur in water damaged structures.

If a leaky roof leads to the need for water removal in your Bloomfield clothing outlet, the certified technicians at SERVPRO are ready to answer your call and restore your storefront to its pre-damage condition. We have industrial-grade equipment and extensive training to remediate water damage and can use those tools and knowledge to provide you with a pristine store once more.

Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages

When our SERVPRO team comes to you, we can get straight to work on moving and cleaning your floor, ceiling and fixtures. For drying, we can establish polyethylene chambers to contain moisture and make drying with air movers and dehumidifiers more efficient. Pooling water on your floor can be quickly picked up with wet/dry vacuums. We can also use EPA-registered disinfectants to clean surfaces and prevent the proliferation of bacteria on benches, hangers, and other items affected by water damage.

After drying, we can deodorize your store to prevent odors from developing on clothes, flooring, or in your ceiling. SERVPRO odor control technicians can use thermal foggers to emit a dry, solvent-based smoke that binds with odor-causing particles to eliminate potential smells from developing on your merchandise or structures. Before and after deodorization, ventilation box fans are utilized to both improve airflow and accelerate deodorization so that you can get back to business as usual.

SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield is ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If disaster has struck your business, give our team a call today at (973) 662-0062. We can restore your structure to its prior condition and leave it, as we like to say: "Like it never even happened."

How Challenging Is Fire Restoration in a Nutley Office?

6/16/2021 (Permalink)

desk and chair in office; equipment and electronics on desk Office fires can damage electronics as well as the structure. SERVPRO's team are trained for safe restoration.

SERVPRO Takes Care of Any Hazardous Tasks during Fire Damage Restoration in Nutley Offices

A fire in an office setting creates many unique problems, including releasing dangerous substances when electronics or other gadgets combust. Fire restoration efforts must take care of the physical damages and minimize hazardous exposure for the occupants or the work crews handling the restoration.

Addressing safety issues before embarking on fire restoration in your Nutley office is essential. A simple walk-through at the loss site can help reveal what issues need addressing before they cause any adverse effects. Before the primary restoration team starts working, our SERVPRO crew chiefs carry out such inspections. The walk-through reveals electrical hazards from frayed wires or chemical residues and even firefighting chemicals. It is such issues that readily cause bodily harm if improperly handled.

Inspection of fire loss sites is necessary under different scenarios, including:

  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Commercial fire clean up
  • Smoke remediation

The level of difficulty in resolving fire damage might vary depending on what the inspection reveals. For instance, if electrical systems are affected, it is essential to strip all the cables down and clean electrical outlets before resuming normal office operations. Our SERVPRO technicians take various precautions, including using circuit testers to check whether wires are powered and using safety equipment such as heavy-duty gloves and rubber boots when performing the teardown.

Proper cleanup and disposal of wastes are also necessary steps. Our SERVPRO crews bring different trash receptacles to the loss site, including trash bags and wheeled cans, making it easier to separate various wastes. Dumpsters can be ordered and filled with large volumes of charred building materials and contents.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield handles cleanup and all other necessary actions during fire restoration. Call us at (973) 662-0062 when you need assistance. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Belleville Businesses Require Proven Water Damage Restoration Methods

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle in front of home SERVPRO is in the business of keeping your business open! Call us for fast effective, restoration.

SERVPRO is Available for Belleville Water Cleanup and Damage Repair for Businesses of All Kinds – Call Us 24/7 for Emergency Response!

If you arrive at your place of business and standing water welcomes you, you must begin the cleanup as soon as possible. Not only is it essential to keep your Belleville business up and running, but you never want to run the risk of slip and fall hazards, mold growth, or costly secondary damage.

After SERVPRO technicians arrive to address the water damage in your Belleville commercial property, we begin the assessment to determine which methods and equipment are best for the job. We locate all areas where water must get extracted while paying attention to the path of migration.

Suppose a pack-out is necessary to facilitate water damage remediation. In that case, all items get organized, packed up, and moved off-site or at our secure location so that restoration may move forward. After everything is thoroughly dried and clean, our team brings everything back to your commercial space to set it all up once again.

Some of the actions taken when we get called to help with water damage repairs may include:

  • High-powered water extraction
  • Specialized methods for drying and dehumidification
  • Controlled demolition, as needed
  • Careful, ethical disposal of all unsalvageable building materials
  • Deodorization and sanitization using EPA-registered products

SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield is happy to provide you with skilled water damage restoration. Give us a phone call at (973) 662-0062 and let us give you an estimate for services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Is Restoration of Contents A Viable Option After A Fire In Bloomfield?

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO at work. Fire damage to your property is no DIY task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO and let their team of experts handle the dirty work for you.

SERVPRO Helps Perform Effective Fire Restoration for Bloomfield Businesses

Fire causes significant damage within a short while. Even a minor incident can affect many of the contents you have on your business premises. Replacing all the affected items is likely to cost a significant amount of money. Where possible, restoration offers a cheaper alternative.

Cleaning is an essential step during fire restoration in Bloomfield business premises since residue deposit is the primary way fires affect contents. Different approaches are necessary when cleaning items because contents are made from different materials, and the residues they accumulate also differ. Cleaning can also help resolve issues caused by other aspects of fire, such as heat. For instance, cleaning can help restore slightly charred wooden surfaces.

SERVPRO has sufficient resources to handle any cleaning challenge. One of the ways we tackle restoration cleaning challenges is by using different cleaning approaches like:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Foam cleaning
  • Immersion cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning

Using traditional and advanced restorative techniques, SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield can restore most of the contents affected during a fire incident. Call us at (973) 662-0062 to assist you.

Welcome in the New Year in Belleville with a Relaxing Spa.

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Woman at spa Take time to relax and destress while SERVPRO handles water removal on your property, leaving it "Like it never even happened."

The Serene Dream Spa Center in Belleville Opens for Bookings For January.

The Serene Dream Spa is a relaxation center on Kearny Avenue specializing in floatation therapy, sensory deprivation, and corporate wellness. The center has a strong focus on the benefits of floatation therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. Their initiative has several discounts for residents of the Belleville area and includes corporate group sessions. The floatation tanks use a mixture of salts and temperature to create buoyancy. Guests can relax their muscles and senses during the experience, which dramatically reduces stress and anxiety. The serene dreams center is focused on providing affordable floatation therapy to residents of Belleville.

  • Floatation sessions are usually booked for an hour, although more prolonged admissions are flexible based on the requirement.
  • Group sessions and corporate away days are encouraged, with bookings for larger groups available directly from the center.
  • The float devices are state-of-the-art, based on the science of Peter Suedfield and Roderick Borrie.

When water intrudes in your home, it is vital to begin mitigating loss as quickly as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062.

Nutley Is a Mid-Sized Town with A Big City Feel

11/22/2020 (Permalink)

puddle of water in front of a couch When a water damage event affects your home, you need to act quickly. Contact our certified water damage technicians for water removal services.

There Are Many Interesting Aspects of Nutley

With such a close proximity to Newark and New York City, Nutley has become a desirable alternative for many homeowners than the steep cost of living inside the cities. With over 27,000 residents, Nutley is a town that continues to grow and adapt to the changing times with new retail opportunities for locals, employment opportunities, and modern schools. Nutley's history also can be an attractive aspect of the town. Much of this area served some purpose or aid to the Continental Army seeking independence from the British during the American Revolution. The town's stories, relics, and relative exhibits are on display by the Historical Society at the Nutley Historical Museum in a former schoolhouse constructed on Church Street. 

Affordability for Housing

When you consider the expenses of living in the city beyond the often-steep utility costs, many potential homeowners needed to assess the worth of their properties and where they could get more for their money. While there is a distinct allure of living in New York City and its immediate surrounding areas against any of the boroughs, you can expect to pay a much higher ultimate cost for this convenience. The median costs of a home in NYC are $624,000, which significantly overshadows Nutley's expected median home prices at $445,000. 

While the median cost of homes in Newark sits somewhere beneath both of these amounts at $320,000 plus, there are distinct drawbacks to choosing the city lifestyle over the less demanding suburban town feel that Nutley provides. The position of Nutley can make the commute to either of the mentioned larger cities reasonable. Saving money on living space means having more options for new neighbors to find the home of their dreams in a welcoming community that our SERVPRO team shares with our customers.

Retail and Cultural Experiences

Being centrally located between several colleges, including Montclair State University, Essex County College, and Bloomfield College, Nutley has become more accommodating to a more youthful customer base's tastes and desires. While this has shown itself in several facets, specific retail chains and unique shops have begun to find their way into the community to bolster the local economy. That is what makes trade show events and craft sales like the annual Nutley Street Fair and Craft Show such a popular draw with residents of all ages.

The arts have been on the rise over the past several decades. Because of the welcoming atmosphere among the population, local artists, musicians, and craft workers have had venues to showcase their respective talents. Smaller galleries and art-themed activities can exhibit budding creators but also provide space to explore untapped potentials. Some of these places include venues like Bee N Crafty Art Gallery and the Magic Art Center.

Diversity of Cuisine

Many cultures have found their way into Nutley and established some of the most authentic restaurants you can find outside New York City or downtown Newark. In many ways, the diversity of potential food options can directly correlate to how residents and tourists feel about the town. In this regard, Nutley exceeds the traditional fast food and franchise restaurant scene's reach to offer an array of unique dining experiences.

You cannot have a town considered an extended suburb of New York City without an assortment of positively reviewed Italian restaurants like Bella Luce or Napoli Trattoria & Pizzeria. Beyond these expected spots on Franklin Avenue, Nutley also offers well-reviewed and highly regarded eateries with various cultural backgrounds, including Turkish, Thai, Lebanese, and Japanese. This diversity reduces the need for people to commute more significant distances to larger municipalities for authentic cuisine. A special Shout-Out is reserved for Ralph’s Pizzeria, located toward the north end of Franklin Avenue. A World Ranked Pizza.

A Town That You Don't Want to Leave

Perhaps one of Nutley's most impressive features is how many generations of families begin and continue here. There are multiple 3rd and 4th generation families, such as the former mayor of the town, Joseph Scarpelli, whose family initially settled in the area in the 1890s. Their children were all raised in Nutley and continue to live here. It is a town that is hard to leave because you have a sense of community that comes from the growing population never altogether losing the small-town charm.

History helps to solidify Nutley's allure for its current and future residents, such as it is one of the places where sharp-shooting Annie Oakley settled down in 1892. Perhaps one of the most famous homemakers of all time, Martha (Kostyra) Stewart, grew up in Nutley as well. Another local resident of note, Steve Lamprou, elevated sports and education to an exceptional level.

Protecting Nutley Businesses with Fast Water Extraction Solutions

Water removal is one of the most vital components of successful water restoration and mitigation for commercial structures. With medical facilities, warehouses, and manufacturing buildings in many areas of Nutley, we must respond quickly to where the emergency occurs at all times of the day. Our SERVPRO professionals have stocked trailers and production vehicles ready to mobilize after the first notice of loss to our staffed emergency line.

Standing water presents multiple threats to the property, especially when exposed materials are porous and readily able to absorb pooling. Hardwood and engineered flooring, despite their finish like varnish, polyurethane, or lacquer, cannot prevent water penetration after a brief period. Carpeting is among the most sensitive to this threat, and water can begin damaging padding and underlying subflooring after a brief exposure period.

Removing this surface water requires a combination of helpful tools available in our inventory of industry-leading recovery equipment. Most commonly, removing standing water involves wet vacuums, submersible pumps, and specialty extractors like carpet wands. The choice in which tools get used on a recovery task gets made when our technicians first arrive, and job scoping for the restoration begins.

With the likelihood of burst pipes in freezing conditions that could damage your business or lower levels standard for storage, SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield stays ready to help in an emergency. We can offer fast and efficient extraction solutions to get drying efforts started promptly for your facility. Give us a call today at (973) 662-0062.

What is the Best Method to Remove Visible Commercial Mold Damage?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

mold on wall and ceiling Do you now how to remediate mold damage? SERVPRO does!

SERVPRO Technicians Inspect the Mold Damage in Your Nutley Commercial Property to Determine the Cause and Best Remediation Methods to Ensure a Positive Outcome 

Due to most Nutley offices' busy nature, a random slow drip may go unchecked for an extended period until the leak either announces itself through water spots on the sheetrock or a sustainable environment for mold growth is the result. Once airborne spores germinate and establish a home in a wet, warm place, they can quickly spread and become a massive problem. Once mold colonies are on sheetrock with extended hyphae, they cannot get scrubbed away. They require a multi-layered approach that includes:  

  • Drying the colonies
  • Containment to inhibit the spread of spores, polypropylene sheets  
  • Gentle abatement to remove dried matter, scrape and vacuum  
  • Treatment with antimicrobial cleaners and sealants to further negate the return of the problem  

What Questions Should I Ask Commercial Mold Removal Companies? 

If you are searching for local help in Nutley among commercial mold removal companies, there are some helpful questions to ask to narrow down to the best choice. First and foremost, ask about the training the technicians receive and their experience handling mold infestations in commercial properties. We send AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians with accreditation from the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Find out if the company has access to an industrial hygienist's services to identify the types of mold present or to validate safe and effective remediation. Another essential fact to find out is if the restoration services company is careful to remain within the confines of coverage, so there are no surprise out-of-pocket expenses.     

SERVPRO techs apply proactive treatments after the mold remediation efforts complete. Typically, SERVPRO professionals apply professional-strength antimicrobial cleaning agents and sealants work to diminish the chances of the problem returning.  

Are you looking for commercial mold removal companies available 24/7? Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062; their certified, trained technicians arrive quickly and have the background and professional equipment to handle any size mold remediation.

Aren’t All Water Restoration Companies in the Bloomfield Area the Same?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your business property. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

Your Business Has the Best Chance of Rebounding from Significant Damage When Your Choice from Among Local Water Restoration Companies Is a Full-Service Firm Like SERVPRO.

Shopping around for a premier water restoration company in Bloomfield is a challenge. Unlike the methodical process you may use when planning for other major purchase business shopping, you are responding to a crisis situation, often with little to no first-hand knowledge of what you need or want to find in a water mitigation, remediation, and restoration firm. You have to think and act fast. Add to this the pressure of cold-sales tactics if your water loss is due to a storm or other natural disaster.

Should I Grab the First Pitch I Receive from a Water Restoration Company?

Especially if some of your business neighbors are also in need of water restoration companies in Bloomfield, you might be in fear of a long wait time before your job is even assessed. Please resist the temptation to hire an itinerant water damage company because they claim to be able to help immediately. You might rue your choice when problems crop up pertaining to their work long after they move on to the next town or neighborhood hit by a disaster. Instead, inquire locally and be upfront about your concerns around waitlists and the risk of additional damage if you do not receive help quickly. 

Why Are Local Water Restoration Companies Usually a Better Fit?

A water restoration business in our community can be vetted by talking to friends and neighbors who used them in the past. You can speak directly to the management of the company and research their record with the Better Business Bureau or other community industry organizations. Local restoration companies often scale their response to a disaster up and down by reaching out to networks of other restoration companies they built over time, making them able to help more customers than you might have thought was possible.

Are Water Restoration Companies Limited in the Tasks They Can Do?

When your commercial property suffers from a water event, whether it is a flood, plumbing break, appliance malfunction, or something else, many tasks need to be completed to bring your business operations back to the point where it looks and feels “Like it never even happened.” Some water restoration companies can only provide water extraction and drying services, leaving customers on their own to find other contractors to take care of the collateral damage done by a water crisis. 

What Is the Answer to a Short List of Options?

A firm like SERVPRO offers wrap-around services designed to transform your business property back to preloss condition. We invest in the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training and licenses needed for our team to manage the water damage as an “assessment to build back” project. We save our customers time and money with this approach and relieve the stress on business owners using our services. You do not need to act as a general contractor, lining up one company after another for each phase of the water cleanup and restoration agenda.

What Are Some Other Characteristics That Make Our Company Stand Out?

In addition to the wrap-around rebuilding opportunities and IICRC training and certification, we also prioritize extensive inventories of state-of-the-art equipment, tested proprietary cleaning and disinfecting products, and rapid response. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, stocking our signature green service vehicles with:

  • Onboard generators and gas-powered pumps if the electricity is shut down at your business or in an entire neighborhood
  • A vast array of extractors, tools, and devices focused on the water restoration process
  • EPA-registered cleaners and antimicrobials 

Can I Count on Long Term Support if Needed?

We do not count you as a customer for just one job. Once you reach out, we are committed to building a relationship that you can rely upon far into the future. Any questions or concerns you have about today’s water restoration project are answerable now or months or years later. Our goal is to support you and other community members with every decision we make, skill we learn, and innovative equipment or products we introduce.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield can take a water-damaged property from chaos to turn-key preloss condition utilizing a skill set that bridges everything from water restoration training and experience to top-notch reconstruction results. Call us at (973) 662-0062 to learn how our unique mix of services can meet your needs.

What Unexpected Issues Can We Run Into During Water Mitigation At Our Nutley Drugstore?

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

A man and woman at a drugstore counter. Water issues at your Nutley drugstore? Call SERVPRO today, we can be there to assist.

SERVPRO Has Extensive Experience Handling Water Loss Situations Which Can Help Identify and Fix Problematic Issues

Water use in Nutley drugstores is usually minimal, apart from the restroom or a sink for your customers. However, a sudden release of water from these areas can damage your store extensively. Alternatively, pipes running through the ceiling or walls can leak, causing damages. Whatever the source of the leak, SERVPRO technicians can help you take the appropriate mitigation steps, including dealing with unexpected problems that crop up.

What should be the main priority when mitigating water loss?

Any plans created for a water mitigation exercise in your Nutley drugstore should take into account several factors:

  • The possibility of damage spreading to unaffected areas
  • The effects of moisture on stocked items
  • Long-term effects of water exposure to the building or fixtures

Since most water spills originate from a single source point, the initial damage is mostly localized to a section of the property. However, moisture migration through absorption by building materials or evaporation through the air can spread damage all over the store. Our SERVPRO technicians consider factors such as whether the water has pooled around the floors or other surfaces. Stagnant water seeps into floor materials, evaporates, or wicks through walls the longer it remains unaddressed, complicating the mitigation process. 

Preventing the unfettered spread of moisture is crucial to avoid damage in unexpected areas of the store. Our crews can help by expediting the water extraction process since we have a wide range of extraction equipment, including self-propelled and stationery deep extractors and regular water extraction units. Another alternative is to separate the wet sections from the rest of the store, especially if there are separate rooms. We do this by setting up containment with 6-mil plastic sheets to limit air movements. 

What logistical problems can water spills at a drugstore present?

Although water intrusion into any business premises can be destructive, it is more challenging at a drugstore where the changes that develop can damage most of the items in stock. For instance:

  • Medical products require a dry place for storage
  • High humidity in the air can damage the product packaging
  • Water intrusions and restoration processes change temperatures damaging products

Proper planning can help minimize or overcome the challenges, thus avoiding logistical problems. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate the loss at your facility to determine what steps are necessary to safeguard your stock. For instance, we can pack out items off the shelves or other storage areas in your facility to protect them from the wet environment. Because of several small-sized items, proper packing arrangements are necessary. Our SERVPRO crews help by providing boxes for packing and tagging them correctly to indicate what they contain, among other crucial information. Such actions may seem trivial, but they make it easier to rearrange the store once the water problem is resolved. 

What technical aspects should we be aware of when resolving water damage?

Resolving water loss is expected to be a straightforward process since it only requires extracting water and drying or removing wet materials. However, some situations arise that add technical challenges to the processes.

  • Aerosolized contaminants from drying processes
  • Equilibrium moisture content interfering with drying
  • Water reaching hidden cavities

Drying wet materials, including assemblies such as shelves, requires enhanced evaporation rates. Setting up air movers around the facility can help provide the necessary air movements for the right evaporation rate. However, air movers can aerosolize contaminants creating other problems. Our SERVPRO technicians use air filtration devices to remove particulate matter from the air, ensuring we do not contaminate your workplace in the process of restoring water damage.

The drying process depends on the temperature and humidity levels in the property. The process can stop if porous materials, including wood, attain EMC, Equilibrium Moisture Content. Although the materials are not dry at this point, they do not release moisture because the surrounding air is saturated with humidity. Failure to address this would lead to a long drawn or stuck restoration process. Equilibrium moisture content occurs at specific temperatures and relative humidity. Our technicians monitor the drying process regularly using a wide range of tools, including thermo-hygrometers and moisture meters, and vary air currents and temperature to ensure that such equilibrium does not occur.  

A tiled floor can give you a false sense of security that moisture cannot reach the sublevels. However, unsealed grout or cracks can allow such intrusion. Our crews inspect the floor with thermal cameras to ensure we do not leave hidden moisture in place, which can cause problems in the future. 

A simple water loss can lead to complicated problems if mishandled. Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 to help mitigate any issue, "Like it never even happened."

Will Water Damage in Nutley Compromise My Furniture?

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking through ceiling tile Water damage in homes can cause unnecessary stress to you and your family. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

Water Damage in Your Nutley Business Can Weaken Your Equipment and Furnishings

We often hear of homes suffering the consequences of a broken pipe or overflowing bathtub. Water events are not only for homes, but they can also happen in commercial properties, leaving your inventory and equipment soaking and unsuitable for business. Only a professional cleaning service can assist with the most thorough cleanup process.

Mitigating water damage in your Nutley commercial establishment is an opportunity for you to call our SERVPRO crew. We are part of your community and fully understand the repercussions of keeping your doors closed. Like you, we want to restore your business quickly and effectively to prevent any future consequences from this accident. Call our 24/7 hotline and invite our technicians to your place as soon as possible.

Can water destroy my walls?

Water can be mighty and wreak havoc all over your shop. Some damage is evident, such as a soaking carpet or wet documents and electronics. However, water can also seep into your walls and hide behind wall cavities, leaving you vulnerable to its effects without you even realizing it. Upon arrival, to your place, our SERVPRO crew conducts a thorough assessment and develops a detailed plan to reverse the impact of the water. In the course of our evaluation, we may already recommend the replacement of some items, particularly porous surfaces such as upholstery and textiles. As we take into account the cost and effort of restoring as compared to replacement costs, we can guide you through some necessary decisions.

To salvage the remaining items, we use industry-grade technology to detect and remove excess moisture. Some of the equipment available to us includes:

  • Infrared moisture meters
  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Injecti-dry equipment

Along with other industry-specific equipment such as dehumidifiers and air circulators, we can take a comprehensive approach to restore your business as soon as possible.

SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield is your ally when disaster strikes. Call us at (973) 662-0062 and let us leave your place "Like it never even happened."

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Commercial Water Removal in Nutley Warehouse Brings Challenges

3/2/2020 (Permalink)

Warehouse “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Damage in Nutley Warehouse Needs SERVPRO’s Knowledgeable Team 

Nothing can bring the pain to a business like the need for commercial water removal. For safety reasons, most places need to close during mitigation of water loss, particularly in a warehouse where slip and fall accidents on a wet slab floor are a cause for concern. 

The goal for SERVPRO techs addressing commercial water removal needs in a Nutley warehouse first is to ensure items within the water loss area without any effects remain that way. Typical actions, including the coverage of the stock items with plastic or moving it to another area during the cleanup. Whenever the water loss requires a move-out, the techs carefully document where each item gets taken from, so it gets put back in the same spot.

Water Extraction is Key

The root cause of the issue was a water main burst that dumped hundreds of gallons of water onto the warehouse slab floor. Concrete flooring absorbs water, and more prolonged exposure occurs increases the time needed to dry the floor.  The techs chose to use truck-mounted pumps and ride on Rover units to extract that maximum amount of water in the least amount of time. 

Damage Preventative Measures

Due to the high humidity conditions inside the warehouse, the techs moved out racks that held boxes to another secure area to inhibit that chance of moisture penetration damage to the stock or rusting elements on the racks. 

Drying on the Large Scale

A warehouse this size needs a large number of air movers and dehumidifiers in use at the same time. Fortunately, SERVPRO has access to an extensive array of equipment for situations like this, so the entire loss area gets addressed at the same time and dries evenly. 

Cleaning Post-Drying

During the drying phase, SERVPRO techs monitor the air moisture content levels carefully to ensure that drying goals get attained. Because bacteria can set up quickly in water, once the warehouse confirms as hitting the measurements for dryness, the techs clean all affected surfaces with their professional-grade cleaning agents. Leaving the warehouse sanitized and ready to reopen.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 stands ready to help local businesses with commercial water removal needs 24/7 and make the loss, "Like it never even happened."

Want to know more about Nutley?

SERVPRO Keeps Nutley Entertainment Sites Open After Water-Damaging Events

1/14/2020 (Permalink)

soaked and water damaged hardwood floor boards Steve Lamprou says SERVPRO Provides Commercial Properties in Nutley with Swift Water Extraction and Restoration!

Drying a Sprung Wood Dance Floor in a Nutley Nightclub

Sprinkler system malfunctions can leave your Nutley nightclub contending with considerable water damage. Even though you have backflow prevention designed to reduce or eliminate the continued flow of water out of a breach in this sprinkler system, these check valves are not always a reliable system. Continued water-flow from a broken sprinkler head could significantly damage sensitive materials like the dancefloor of your nightclub without the appropriate intervention and mitigation from our SERVPRO professionals.

A water loss in Nutley nightclubs like yours must get addressed quickly to reduce the potential damage to sprung wood flooring used in the dancing areas. The beech, maple, and oak flooring materials common to this specialized surface is susceptible to water penetration even with the lamination or epoxy coating. Standing water can collect in your dropped dancing area, which can continue to adversely affect the wood planks in the sprung floor until the appropriate drying steps get taken.

With a team of skilled in-house general contractors, we can begin restoring the damage to your nightclub as soon as our SERVPRO professionals arrive at the structure. For sprinkler system breaches, reinstallation of plumbing fixtures can allow our team to re-pressurize the lines to restore fire suppression support as our technicians work to mitigate the flooding scenario. With standing water on the sprung wood flooring, we can start by utilizing water removal tools like light extraction wands, submersible pumps if the depth is higher than several inches, and even squeegees, mops, and buckets.

Because of the natural resistance to immediate water absorption, dance floors can often get restored to their original prominence and appearance with quick drying. Between mats and tenting of the affected area, we can continually monitor the draw of moisture from the material to provide the appropriate moisture content to maintain the cushion and finish on the floor. We recognize that the sub-floor, which helps provide the "spring," is crucial to swift drying for restoration.

We understand the investments that you have made in the natural or engineered wood flooring for your nightclub and can help to protect this investment with sound drying strategies beginning as soon as the team arrives at your business. No matter how we can help, our SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield professionals are standing by at (973) 662-0062.

How to Succeed With Nutley Commercial Fire Damage Remediation

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

modern hotel lobby When your hotel suffers from fire damage, there is a sense of urgency to mitigate the situation. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Hotel Benefits from Thorough Restoration Efforts After a Commercial Fire Damage Incident in Nutley

Confusion and desperation are common outcomes of fire incidents, so when SERVPRO was called in to clean up and restore a Nutley hotel after a fire incident, we knew we had to be fast and thorough to restore regular operations.

Every incident of commercial fire damage in Nutley is unique, so it is not easy to determine the precise response without a thorough evaluation of the loss site. Our customer service representative who received the call from the owner requested as much information as possible, including how long the fire burnt, what areas were affected, and what materials were in the affected areas. With all the stresses involved after a fire incident, it is possible to forget some crucial details, which is why our support staff collect as much information as possible before sending the restoration crews.

Although most of the damage happens during the blaze, secondary damages happen later on, especially if the site is left untouched.  When our SERVPRO technicians arrived at the hotel, we first set out to identify areas likely to be affected by secondary damages. We could see doorknobs, bathroom taps, and other accessories made of metal or with metallic finishes, which could corrode because of soot deposits and other smoke residues, leading to unnecessary losses. We addressed this by pre-cleaning and applying a thin oil film.  We also checked other issues such as water intrusion that could lead to mold.

With the fire contained in the kitchen where it started, there was minimal physical damage to the rest of the hotel. However, our SERVPRO technicians were prepared to clean the other areas too because smoke filters quickly to other areas pushed by convectional air currents. Identifying rooms with residues on the surfaces and using specialized cleaning mediums such as chemical sponges, which do not leave smudges, helped ensure thoroughness and quick turnaround. 

Restoring normal operations after a loss incident is not always easy, but professional help can make a significant difference.  Call SERVPRO of Nutley/ Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 to help manage the incident, “Like it never even happened.”

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Long-Term Solutions to Commercial Mold Damage in Affected Belleville Beauty Parlors

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

A salon with green chairs and mirrors. Let us guide your Belleville business to succeed without the presents of mold.

SERVPRO will get your business in Belleville on the up and up from mold.

If there are visible signs of mold such as black patches in your beauty parlor, customers might not feel comfortable receiving grooming services from you or your staff. However, some cases of mold development might keep recurring despite your best remediation effort. In such cases, you need a solution that offers long-term results. Hiring a professional team such as SERVPRO to offer remediation services can help find a lasting solution.

Cleaning Preparation

Failure to do proper cleaning whenever there is commercial mold damage in your Belleville beauty parlor can lead to the recurrence of the problem. One way our SERVPRO technicians ensure proper cleaning is identifying all mold hotspots to ensure there are no conditions favoring growth. Typical hotspots in a beauty parlor might include:

  • Areas around pipes and faucets
  • Area around sinks
  • Drains and Trays
  • HVAC Systems

Apart from identifying the hotspot areas, there is a need to establish the extent of infestation on different materials. In some cases, regular cleaning might only remove mold debris on the surface, leaving the hyphae that penetrate deep into the material intact. Removing porous materials such as ceiling panels, carpeting, and insulation contaminated extensively guarantees better long-term results.

Correct Cleaning Agents

Cleaning moldy surfaces require the right products to remove soiling, stains, and kill spores. Our SERVPRO technicians use different types of cleaning agents, such as antimicrobials, which stop or limit the growth of microbes. We also use disinfectants such as phenols and quaternaries to destroy microorganisms.  These products help prevent an immediate recurrence.

Cleaning Procedures

Since mold develops in different locations and on different materials, removal requires different procedures. We have IICRC certified AMRT, Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians at SERVPRO, who use different approaches to ensure we reach all areas and safeguard materials. HEPA vacuuming helps lift loose mold debris and spores from surfaces. We also use abrasion techniques such as sanding, damp wiping, and wire brushing, especially on unfinished wood surfaces. In some cases, we can apply specialized cleaning techniques such as soda blasting, which offer the same benefits as agitation without damaging the underlying material.

Although it is not easy, beating recurrent mold development is possible. Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 to deal with any infestation, "Like it never even happened."

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When Water Damages Your Bellville Car Rental Business

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage shudder your business. Call SERVPRO today.

Car Rental Business Motors on after Bellville Water Removal 

Customers at your Bellville car rental agency need to get on the road.  Should you need to close even briefly because of a backed-up toilet, your clients travel on to your competitor. Even though the water loss involves Category 2 or 3 water, we troubleshoot with you to contain the mess and remediation, so your doors remain open. Skip the attempts to manage the crisis and give us a call. We arrive as soon as possible, with all the products and equipment needed in our signature green truck. 

Block the Traffic

Lock the door or set up a cone to keep customers at the counter when you need water removal at your Bellville car rental headquarters. Calling a plumber can help diagnose the reason for a clog. However, for speedy water removal, be sure you also schedule the earliest time possible for our technicians to stop by. 

Create a Detour 

When the SERVPRO crew arrives, take a moment to devise a containment strategy that allows our technicians to collect the contaminated water for lawful disposal. We assess the scene and consult with you about next steps. If the area can be contained by blocking a doorway or sealing a plastic barrier around the room, the work can proceed without your customers notice.

Trust Our Training and Experience 

Water removal is squarely part of SERVPRO’s mission. Rely on our skill and Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training to remove the overflow and debris competently. Because of the potential of contact with human waste, our employees wear personal protective equipment for this type of job for safety and to prevent the spread of any pathogens to other areas in your agency. 

Expect Top-Notch Cleaning and EPA-Registered Disinfection 

We clean up all affected surfaces with appropriate proprietary cleaning products. EPA-registered antimicrobials sanitize the space thoroughly, getting the restroom ready for your valued customers “Like it never even happened.” 

Your request for help is never too big or too small for SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield. If your business’s restroom is offline because of contaminated water after an overflow call us at (973) 662-0062 for a fast and professional result.

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When Your Belleview Business Experiences A Water Damage Disaster, Call Our Professionals For Help!

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 when you need commercial water damage cleanup and restoration.

Belleview Business Get Boost From Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

One of the most common examples of commercial water damage that occurs in a business property happens with a pipe or supply line break.  If a pipe breaks during business hours, there is a much higher chance of stopping the water and limit loss to the business.

When SERVPRO mitigates commercial water damage in Belleview businesses, our first concern is safety. During the initial call, we advise property owners to turn off the water and keep people away from the water damaged area until we arrive due to the danger of slip and fall accidents.

As soon as we arrive, our technicians move out any items left exposed to excessive moisture and scope the room to determine where water migrated. We try to cause as little disruption as possible during our mitigation, and when it is possible, we place furnishings up on blocks to dry in place. If necessary, we pack out furnishings and room contents from the damaged area for drying in another location.

We then extract any remaining water as quickly as possible so we can begin the drying phase. Our goal is to get the business back to normal operations as soon as possible, but it cannot happen until the property is dried and sanitized. During drying, we often combine dehumidifiers with an industrial-grade air scrubber fitted with both a HEPA and activated charcoal filter.

Whether water damage occurs in a residence or commercial property, it is vital that there are no lingering odors left behind. SERVPRO technicians go through extensive training, and we have many types of odor control equipment and techniques. Complete drying and disinfection are often enough to lower and eliminate odors left behind by water. In instances where it is not, hydroxyl generators can safely neutralize pungent smells in the air using UV rays that eradicate odor-causing molecules.

Call SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062 when you need commercial water damage cleanup and restoration. Our team arrives quickly on site and helps lessen the downtime for businesses, so it is “Like it never even happened.”

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